Personalizes Your Plate for National Nutrition Month

Since 1980 the month of March has been dedicated to both the celebration of the dietetics profession as well as to the sharing of nutrition education with the general public. It is during this month-long celebration that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics along with its members get the opportunity to share their mission of promoting optimal nutrition and well-being for everyone a little “louder” than they might normalle. This year everyone is invited to learn and develop healthy eating habits through the Personalize Your Plate theme! 


The year’s National Nutrition month theme: Personalize Your Plate is all about individualization. Everyone has unique backgrounds, health goals, and tastes therefore there can be no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and wellness. As you build your personalized plate, here are some tips on making the most of your meals! 


Add a Variety of Nourishing Foods 


While building your plate, keep in mind to add variety in the food groups you include! Whether you follow a specific diet or not you want to make sure your plate is an assortment of healthful food. 


Plan Your Meals 


As you’re thinking of how to build your plate, why not plan ahead? Planning your meals for the week helps save time and stress. Simply choose your recipes for the week, make a list for the ingredients you need and shop online or in-store. Then you’re all set for your week! Our favorite Dietitian tip here to to plan for a freezer night! Sometimes there are instances that we can’t foresee so having a few ingredients on hand that can come together easily while maintaining freshness is key.


Try New Flavors and Cooking Skills 


Build your plate in a way that allows for new flavors. Don’t be scared to give some new seasonings, marinades, or herbs a try! Not only will you be diversifying your meals, you might also be including some new nourishing nutrients into your everyday dishes! Also be open to different cooking styles like grilling or broiling that can enhance your food experience. 


Visit With A Registered Dietitian 


If you feel overwhelmed while trying to build your plate, no need to worry! Registered Dietitians are available to support you on your personalized health journey. You can find a Registered Dietitian through a doctor’s referral, a community setting. Registered Dietitians will not only help you Personalize your Plate but also help you reach your health goals! 


Need Keto Ideas?

  • Quick Tips
    • The three food groups you want to have on your plate are: a protein source, a healthy fat source, and a non-starchy vegetable source 
    • A great plate breakdown would be 50% of the plate non-starchy veggies, 25% healthy fat sources, 25% Protein 
  • Keto Meal Ideas
  •  3 oz Smoked Salmon, asparagus stalks, ⅓ of a medium avocado 
  • 3-4  oz GrilledChicken, 3 Babybel cheese, ½ of plate tomato/cucumber salad 
  • 2 Boiled Eggs, 2 pieces of Bacon, ½ of plate sauteed spinach and cherry tomatoes 


Need Paleo Ideas?

  • Quick Tips
  • The four food groups you want to mix in your plate include: a protein source, a healthy fat source, and vegetable source, and a fruit source 
  • A great plate breakdown would be:  25% of the plate non-starchy veggies, 25% of the plate starchy veggies,  25% healthy fat sources, 25% Protein OR another option is:  25% of the plate non-starchy veggies, 25% healthy fat sources, 25% Protein, 25% Fruit 
  • Paleo Meal Ideas
  • 3 oz baked Salmon, ¼  Plate full of Leafy Greens, ⅓ of a medium avocado, ¼ plate blueberries 
  • 3 oz Tuna, ½ plate Cucumber- tomato- olive- Red Onion salad, Small nectarine 
  • 3 oz Chicken roast, ¼ plate of collard greens, ¼ plate of carrots, ¼ plate mix of almonds and pumpkin seeds 


Need Some Plant Based Ideas?

  • Quick Tips
  • The three food groups you want to have on your plate are: a plant based protein source, a healthy healthy carb source, and a vegetable source 
  • A great plate breakdown would be 50% of the plate veggies, 25% healthy carb sources, 25% Plant based protein
  • Plant Based Meal Ideas
  • ¼ of plate Edamame, ¼ of plate Quinoa,½ of plate Salad of leafy greens including microgreens, strawberries, blueberries, green apple 
  • ¼ plate of black beans, ¼  plate pico de gallo, ¼ plate sliced carrots, ¼ plate Beanitos Chips  
  • ¼ plateTofu, ¼ plate Bulgar, ½ plate sautéed kale with mushrooms