It’s Pizza Night!

Pizza? In January? You bet! When starting a new year, most people like to eliminate the “fun foods” all together instead of learning to incorporate them in a balanced and more healthful way. Weather you’ve hopped on a diet train of keto, paleo, or plant based we’ve got you covered with pizza suggestions from the freezer section.


Now, whether you’re making it at home from scratch (kudos to you) or opting for the freezer version we’ve got some thoughts. Before we dive into reviews, let’s talk about the main point, adding more vegetables. Pizza doesn’t have a ton of fiber to it by nature so this is where we want you to add more of that. Why? Because fiber helps keep you feeling full! Here are a few of our favorite ways to add:

  • Add a salad before the main course
  • Add on leftover vegetables from the previous nights
  • Chop up some fresh veggies to toss on before putting it in the oven
  • Puree up some carrots to add into your pizza sauce


Now to look at the pizzas:

  • Pizza Oggi: this is a great option for our friends wanting to eat more plant-based yet still want the meat taste. The traditional taste of meat won’t have you missing it at all
  • Quest: even though it still has a few more carbs than what is technically considered keto-friendly this would be a great option for those on keto or just looking for a healthier alternative to traditional 
  • If you’re looking for a general healthy option we love our Signature kitchen thin pizza. This is a great base to add whatever toppings your heart desires