A Marathon Run

Power Your Long Distance Run with the Right Nutrition

PSA: You can totally use training for a half or full marathon as an excuse to eat carbs. We know, the idea of eating while prepping for a big race seems backwards, but our bodies need carbs to fuel intense exercise like running and to keep us from hitting a wall about an hour after our reserves start to dwindle. So, get your fave pasta recipe in the hopper, feel free to dream a little dream about bagels and get ready to cross the finish line—one carb at a time!

Hey there, runners! Here’s a few tips to power your cardio with some carb-ios!
(See what we did there?)

  1. If your run is going to take longer than an hour, plan on fueling up with a banana to soak up 30 grams of fast-digesting carbs on-the-go!
  2. You can determine how much fuel your body needs during a run by dividing your body weight by 4. This formula will give you the number of carbs (in grams) you should plan to consume every hour of your run.
  3. Avoid cramping or upsetting your digestive system by snacking slowly over the course of a mile instead of all at once.
  4. Choose fuel that contains simple carbohydrates and has moderate protein and fat content like bars, bananas or healthy, homemade treats. Choosing these types of food will make your digestive system much happier during the race.

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