Quick Holiday Brownie Desserts

Holiday quick desserts that you can pull together in a pinch that look like you took massive amounts of time are a big win in our book. With your health and wellness at the forefront of our minds let’s talk about how to incorporate desserts in the holidays without the “guilt”. We never want guilt associated with food we eat so portion control is one of the methods we like talking through when this starts to come up.


Our mini brownie bites are a great place to start when it comes to dessert and keeping portion control in check. Here are three easy ways to dress them up this holiday season!


Mini brownie bites santa strawberry hat

  • Cut the green tops off the strawberries
  • Feed a toothpick through the center of the strawberry and into the brownie
  • Top with a mini marshmallow


Mini brownie bite with snowman face

  • Lightly push down the center of the brownie to create a well for the jumbo marshmallow to sit
  • With a toothpick take black gel icing and create a face of your choice
  • With a toothpick take orange gel icing and create a nose


Mini brownie reindeer face

  • Take a pecan and split it in half
  • Place the pecans at the top to act as antlers 
  • With icing dot the back of candy googly eyes and place them down
  • With the same red icing, create a dot for a nose