Quick No Prep Valentines

Need a convenient, tasty, and nutritious option for valentines day dinner for 1, 2 or more? With the 14th being on a Monday this year our dietitian’s have you covered with their top suggestion! With how Monday’s can generally be, you know, crazy, task-oriented, running late, agenda items continuously being added our ReadyMeals are an excellent option. Our top choice is the salmon, broccoli, and brown-rice with mushrooms and here’s why:

  • Omega-3’s from the salmon will aid in you reaping the heart health benefits
  • Fiber from the brown rice with mushrooms and broccoli will keep you fuller longer
  • The flavor is out of this world on all three dishes

Some additional things you could add would be the chocolate dipped strawberries from the bakery, a sparkling rose from the wine department (which pairs perfectly with the salmon), a bagged salad kit for adding more fiber and lengthening the meal to enjoy your person! Pair it with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the floral department, individually wrapped candies or a bar of dark chocolate we’re sure you know where to find these, anything valentines themed from our gift and home section (we have our eyes on the bubble bath, throw pillows and fuzzy heart socks), and of course a card. You can find the perfect one for your sweet heart from food puns too serious.