Quick Ready Meals

We are needing all of the shortcuts this week. Adjusting the diet can take a bit of time and practice, but remember, small consistent changes over time is what makes the big difference. With that in mind, we want you to know the shortcuts! That’s right – there are some nutritious time-saving shortcuts found in the grocery store and we want to give you that advantage. When starting off the new year with big changes we encourage two big shortcuts: (1) pre-made options (2) the freezer section.


With premade options we want you to head over to the Ready Meals case and check out the Dietitian top pick options. If you’re eating for one there are some great selections or if you’re serving it up as a meal the protein options are wonderful time savers. The pulled patisserie chicken or grilled chicken might be our favorite!


The freezer section can get a bad wrap but it’s a great time and money saving option with some of it’s items. If you’re eating for 1, choosing baby-led weaning or need a quick vegetable option to add to dinner this is the time to use that tool! Pull it out of the freezer, let it thaw in the fridge and heat it up with additional spices as desired and enjoy. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be challenging.


Now that we’ve talked your ear off, let’s put one of these into practice. The ready meals are on the top of our brains with how quick and convenient they are. So grab the rotisserie chicken and let’s get to “cooking”.



1 Ready Meals, Ready to Heat, Spaghetti and Meatballs

2 Ready Meals, Ready to Heat, Asparagus

1 Taylor Farms Salad Kit



  1. Heat meatballs according to package directions
  2. Heat green beans according to package directions
  3. Heat pasta according to package directions
  4. Split food amongst four plates
  5. Split salad kit amongst four bowls

Serves 4