Registered Dietitian Top Picks

Navigating a grocery store when trying to choose more healthful items can oftentimes be overwhelming. At our stores we have 12 health tags to help you identify products that you are specifically looking for. One of our personal favorites though is the ‘Dietitian Top Pick’ tag where our Registered Dietitians have identified their favorites to help you create one healthier basket. Now, not to say that everyone should be eating a particular item that’s our favorite but we always have our taste buds and eyes ready for trying the latest product and if it’s tag worthy.

Here’s what we look for:

  • It has to taste good! If we didn’t enjoy eating it, why would we want you to buy it?
  • The nutrition label looks better than some of the others in the category. For example, it might have more fiber and less added sugar and sodium than another brand.

So the tip here is if you are wanting to try something new, pull your usual item and compare it to our favorite. What’s the difference you see? You’ll notice that an area we don’t have tags is in the produce department because it’s all our favorite! Be it a beefsteak tomato, roma tomato, heirloom tomato or cherry tomato and the list goes on!

Some of our newer to shelf favorites are:

  • Signature Reserve Truffle Porcini Mushroom Pasta Sauce
  • Signature Select Everything But the Bagel Cashews
  • Barneys Powdered Almond Butter
  • Dairy Pure Cottage Cheese and Fruit Mix-Ins
  • Kodiak Cakes Chocolate Graham Crackers

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