Renew Year

2020 has proven to be quite a year so far!  Some of you have learned how to cook, some of you have mastered culinary skills.  Some of you have told us you have loved cooking and some of you have said you are tired of it.  All of us have had to deal with changes in schedules, eating habits, exercise habits and plenty of unknowns. As the halfway point of our year approaches, we thought this would be a great time to reset.  So let’s take a look at how to reset your wellness goals.  Join us on a month long journey to discover the new while we tweak the old.  We will have plenty of recipes to share, discover ideas to care for for body and mind, and find ways to fit in some of those favorite foods. 

So let’s walk through this a little more before we really get started. First, sign up on HappyAndNourished.com to receive the PDF to help you get started with redefining what your wellness goals are. They might not have changed, but your methods of how to get there have and will continue to do so as we all move forward together. Second, every day we will be coming at you with delicious content. Everything from recipes to answering your nutrition questions on social media to diving into our coworkers pantries to help them think of a meal to make their stash last a little longer. We’re also focusing on the bigger picture of your mental health and helping you experience travel without the airport lines and minimal risk by cruising the aisles and finding new flavors for your taste buds.

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