Simple Mood Boosters

Flowers and chocolates sound cliche? Check those negative thoughts at the door! There’s actually a good amount of research on the topics that boost mood and improve mental health.


Chocolate (especially dark chocolate, 75% and above) stimulates the production of endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! It also contains serotonin which is an antidepressant that can help elevate your mood. So while a single food alone cannot elevate mood it most definitely can help.


Flowers, and plants in general can help boost your mood! Not only are they beautiful to look at and smell great which are two ways they can elevate mood. Another reason behind this thought is that caring for another living thing gives purpose especially when the blooms are thriving. It also showcases a sense of calmness when you’re around them. 


So the next time you’re thinking it might be too generic or cliche to give flowers and chocolate, think back to these science proven benefits in that you are bettering someone’s mood!