Sparkling Water Review

Looking for a refreshing pick-me up that has a little flare? Sparkling water is our go-to must have during the summer months. The bubbles and fun new flavors hitting the shelves make us so excited to switch up our usual fluid intake and can help so many of our guests who are looking to change up old habits as well. Here are our top 5 favorite flavors for this summer:

  • Rambler: the limestone flavor behind this delicious water is what makes it pop. a perfect refreshing way to keep your hydration game up.
  • AHA: is a NEW product to our shelves and their flavors are big and bright! The ones that are topping our summer list are: peach & honey, blueberry & pomegranate, and watermelon & lime
  • Waterloo: their blueberry flavor is so fun and unique. It truly tastes like blueberries had been freshly muddled in your can and strained to have a clean crisp summer flavor.
  • Topo Chico: plain or grapefruit are our current favorites because the bubbles are more fine thus pair perfectly with meals and any additional juice you may add in.