Spring Break, Snack Break

Spring Break, and really all other events this past year, looks a little different. While we may not be doing large gatherings or our typical vacations, it is important to stay mindful of those vacations and how we fuel them. For example if you’re taking a road trip – healthy and delicious snacks are a must! It provides less touchpoints on your journey but it also allows you to get to your destination faster – winning all around! But let’s say you’re staying home – this point of healthful snacks still applies. Here are some snacks we’ve been loving lately!


Blueberries + Cheddar Cheese

When building a well rounded snack we generally look for a balance between protein, fat, and carbohydrate. This combo gives us all the feels since blueberries are in season, and deliver a good source of carbohydrates, and “travel” to a new place by letting your tastebuds explore a new cheddar from the states or worldwide. The cheese component will also deliver a good source of protein and fat.


Live Love Popcorn

Bagged popcorn is nothing new but the flavor profile on these is insanely good! We love popcorn as a snack with it being a whole grain, a touch of protein and fiber in the nutrient composition, and the amount you get to indulge in per serving. Protip: their ‘Truffle Salt’ flavor has us hooked!


Hint Water

Temperatures are rising and staying hydrated is of the utmost importance. Not only is Hint Water, water, but they have some fun flavors without the carbonation like some others on the market right now. So if ‘flat’ water is your jam give this a try to spice up your daily fluid intake.


Beanitos + Wholly Guacamole

Something that most southern guests love, chips and guac! While this is a fantastic snack in and of itself, opting for a higher nutritional value item is what we are on the hunt for. Cue the beanitos and wholly guacamole. The Beanitos are a great alternative to traditional corn chips as they are a bean based chip delivering more protein and fiber. Pair that with some premade and already portioned Wholly Guacamole and you are set with a well rounded snack to keep you satisfied.