Summer Snack Attack

We are snacking our way through summer. Don’t count how many times we say “in the car”, “by the pool”, “at a game”, or “on a picnic” because you just might be convinced. These are perfect for anytime of year but especially summer since they are portable and kids love all of them.

Sahale Cashew clusters: we originally bought these on impulse and we’re so glad we did! With a loud flavor profile of pineapple and coconut with a balanced amount of salt it was a true passport to the beach. Don’t get carried away with their deliciousness and portion this one out to set yourself up for success (and multiple mental beach trips)

Clif Bar Nut Butter Bars: with the first ingredient being nut butter what’s not to love right? These small bars are mighty filling when you are hungry but still about 2 hours away from your next meal. We also love that they pack in 3g of fiber and 7g of protein per serving

Chomps Beef Stick: Full size or their mini’s we love the attention to size and big flavor. These are great staple summer snacks weather you are at the pool, in the car, at a ball park game or anywhere in between. Their flavor range is very tasty and sure to have you hooked.

O Organics Popcorn: What would summer be without popcorn? Be it an indoor or outdoor movie night, a snack by the pool or munching on a road trip this whole grain option is friendly to everyone from kids to adults.

Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Cashews: if you’ve got a little sweet tooth and want a filling option look no further. These chocolate dipped nuts are wonderful because it gives you the satisfaction of chocolate with the wonderful fats and fiber that nuts bring nutritionally.

RIND dried fruits: we can’t get enough of this brand! Dried without sugar really lets the fruit speak for itself. We’ve been snacking on it plain and putting it on our snack plates (aka charcuteries) all summer. The fun bonus here is that it teaches us that rinds are actually able to be consumed! Cool right? We will think twice about some of the fruits we normally peel next time when choosing the fresh option