Sunday Selfcare – Tea Q&A

From green tea to chamomile teas are full of healthy goodies but there is no magical fix as far as detox teas but it can help build healthy routines and help get in some extra hydration for your daily intake. So let’s touch on a few big topics we see with teas.


Q: What are some of the benefits of tea?

A: Studies are all over the board and some have even found that it may help with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, lower cholesterol and the list goes on. One thing to stay cognizant of is that most of the time is it the tea alone, or is it coupled with building a healthier routine.


Q: How is tea made?

A: most of the time tea goes through 4 stages: withering, rolling, oxidation and drying. Each tea is treated a little different in how long it oxidizes and dries.


Q: What is the difference between loose leaf and bags?

A: The main difference is the grade of tea used the finer it is broken down some of the essential oils found in the teas are lost


Q: Can you add different accompaniments to tea? like lemon, milk (deactivates certain properties), alternative milks, sweeteners, ect 

A: You can add things like lemon, lime, mint, ginger, basil, cinnamon, etc to boost the aromatics. With citrus notes, a few studies have been done and showed that it allows your body to absorb more antioxidants in green tea. Fresh fruit could also be added to increase the sweetness and add additional fiber. As once believed milk actually doesn’t deactivate the properties so add away with milk or milk alternatives.


As a final point, remember that no one food or nutrient will solve something. Always look at the label and talk with your doctor before using teas since some might have properties that don’t mix will with medications.