Teal Pumpkin: Classroom friendly snacks

Have you ever heard of the phrase “kids nowadays are just so different”. Well, there are quite a few factors that go into this phrase. To name a few, there are new rules and regulations for everything from how to feed your baby to safe sleep to car safety. We know more about developmental milestones, there is constant research that helps guide recommendations and puts more knowledge in the consumers’ wheelhouse should they need to use it. So let’s take food allergies for example. Food allergies are nothing new but the research is more evolved, and consumers are becoming more aware bringing the 3% diagnosed rate from 1960 to 7% diagnosed rate in 2018. That’s roughly 32 million Americans and of that, 5.6 million are children under the age of 18. Another way to look refram that 5.6 million is to take it down to a more relatable number, which is about 1 in 13 kids. The prevalence is not only higher because we know more and are able to jump on top of a diagnosis faster, but also the amount of food products we have hitting shelves are growing at a rapid pace. A great place to start being mindful of all allergies is to make sure kids feel included in classroom snacks during parties and holidays. Here are our top allergy friendly and individual snacks to enjoy:


Enjoy Life Brand


Skinny Pop

Fruit pouches

Chomps Sticks



Annie’s Fruit Snacks

Bear Yos

That’s It Bar

Potato Chips