Top 8 Tailgate Tips

Are you hosting an at-home gathering but needing a few better-for-you items to increase the nutrition of your spread? We’ve got you covered with our top 8 foodie alternative suggestions to give you more nutritional bang for your buck going into a big game-watching season. May the best team win!

  1. Chips: have you tried Beanitos? They have more protein and fiber to help keep you satisfied and are just as crunchy as the traditional choice
  2. Crackers: think thin with this! Pretzel thins, Sesmark thin crisp crackers
  3. Hotdogs: choose an uncured option to take down the sodium content
  4. Hamburgers: choose 93% lean ground beef! The leaner choice will deliver a few less calories still with all the great benefits of beef
  5. Premade Veggie Snack Trays: If you’re trying to add those nutritious choices but it seems a little daunting, leave the lifting to us. Snack trays from produce or catering are an excellent choice no matter your event
  6. Something Sweet: try Kodiak Cake Graham Crackers. The extra hit of protein and fiber delivers a sweet and satisfying crunch. Add a fun dip like peanut butter mixed with greek yogurt or chocolate hummus and it’s a slam dunk!
  7. Think Mini: some premade options like freezer meatballs, or easy-to-throw-together appetizers like bruschetta or smoked salmon bites are an excellent way to portion control the crowd
  8. Stay Hydrated: we love a low calorie or no calorie sparkling drink and we’ve got a few on the brain that not only taste wonderful but can help you stay hydrated. Poppi, Olipop, Waterloo and AHA are some of our most recent must-haves.