Trade Your Breakfast

Trade up your ho-hum breakfast routine for one that actually satisfies your hunger and starts your morning strong!

Birch Benders

This brand of pancake specializes in creating low carb, high fat mixes that fit almost any diet. They offer products that are paleo, keto, organic, packed with protein (animal or plant sources), or gluten free. Birch Benders makes cooking easy, all you have to do is add water, mix and cook! This company strives to provide high quality products that taste great.

KIND Oatmeal

KIND oatmeal combines 100% whole grain oats and sliced almonds toasted to perfection with ingredients like rich dark chocolate chunks or tasty fruit for delicious flavor and crunch in every bite. This is a great choice if you are looking for something quick and convenient for on-the-go.

Catalina Crunch

This cereal is so fun! If you are looking for a crunchy delicious cereal that takes you back to childhood this is it. It delivers on flavor and nutrition. This cereal is high in fiber and protein to help you stay fuller, longer. Now, while there are ~14g of carbohydrate it’s technically keto friendly if you are following that lifestyle. Important dietitian tip: be mindful of your portion size and enjoy!


This company offers a low fat, high protein product that is 100% whole grain and free from GMOs, preservatives and artificial additives. They offer a variety of flavors that are conducive to many diets like low carb or plant based. To make Kodiak pancakes you can just add water or swap out the water for milk to add additional protein.

Bisquick by Betty Crocker

This brand offers stress free baking with a variety of options like gluten free, heart healthy, whole grain. Bisquick uses enriched bleached flour in a majority of their products and needs milk and eggs to create the perfect pancake.

So what’s the difference?

The greatest differences between the brands include price and product ingredients. Kodiak offers products made with 100% whole grain flour whereas Bisquick uses enriched bleached flour. Birch Benders is low carb, high fat with moderate protein whereas Kodiak offers low fat, high protein with moderate carb. They all come in at different price points so be sure to catch it on ad!

How to use them for special diets

Birch Benders offers products conducive to the paleo, keto and gluten free diet. Many of their products are also vegan, however since they are produced in the same factory as animal products like eggs, they choose to not place that on the label. Kodiak offers heart healthy options with the whole grain flour and is beneficial for those with diabetes or people wanting to build muscle at the gym. Bisquick offers heart healthy products and also gluten free for those with a gluten intolerance. Another point is that these products don’t have to be used solely for what their label says. Some alternative ways to use pancake mix include making biscuits, cakes, bread, pizza dough and donuts. The list could go on and on. Check out each brand’s website for recipe ideas to try at home!