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What does “no added sugar” mean? According to the FDA, food products that contain no added sugars cannot be processed with any sugar or sugar containing ingredients that are not already chemically bound in the food. More simply put, added sugar is any sugar that is added to the food. If you’re looking at our lifestyle tags here’s the definition we use to operate: these products have been identified by the manufacturer as free from added sugars. These products may also have 0 grams of added sugars on the nutrition facts panel. 


If you have ever checked a food label, you have probably noticed the “added sugars” column. 

Per the 2016 FDA guidelines, food processing companies are required to list the amount of added sugars in grams and as a percent of the daily values. The recommended daily value for added sugars is 25g for women and 36g for men. Did you know, according to the CDC, American adults consume about 13% of their daily calorie goal in just added sugars alone? These people may not even be aware of this either! Many highly processed items have the potential to have added sugar (and ingredients in general) to help the product taste a certain way. It is important to keep track of your added sugar intake for overall health knowledge. 


What foods have natural sugars? Natural sugars are found in both whole and packaged foods. For example, fruit is a natural sugar source that would come to most people’s minds, along with honey or agave. Not only do these food products contain natural sugars, but they also have high water content and contain many vitamins and minerals. Items such as cookies and doughnuts, breads and cereal options have added sugar. Having added sugar is not the ‘root of all evil’ but it is important to pick an option that has less added sugar than another in the category you are looking for. Sugar has 56 different names on the market and when you’re reading ingredients you might not be privy to all of its names. Simply check the nutrition facts panel to see if there has been sugar added.


What can I eat that has no added sugar?  When grocery shopping, reach for products that say “no added sugars” and check the nutrition facts panel before putting the items in your basket. Largely, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, milk and cheeses, and unsweetened fruit juices are great options for avoiding added sugars while also getting essential nutrients.


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