What Does Supporting Local Mean?

United Supermarkets is committed to supporting local communities and sustainability. We often hear about a push for supporting local, but what does that mean? Supporting local is purchasing goods from local businesses. United Supermarkets upholds its commitment to supporting local by carrying goods from Texas businesses in its Texas stores. For example, you can find the sign in the produce section that tells you how many produce items are from local farmers for that day. The number changes daily. Within the aisles, you can find a local tag on the product! 

How does shopping local benefit the economy?

At times, shopping local can be more expensive depending on the individual item and seasonality, but ultimately, it’s beneficial because it supports the community and the local economy. Local businesses create job opportunities for the community, helping with economic growth and increasing property value. The money spent supporting local recirculates in the community at a higher percentage than shopping at chain stores or purchasing through big name retailers.

How does shopping local benefit the environment? 

Supporting local also significantly impacts the environment positively and aids in sustainability. Carbon footprint and air pollution reduce due to less distance needed to deliver products between the supplier and our grocery stores. The reduced distance also results in fresher products whether that is produce, meat, or dairy, because products get to the shelves quicker. Local produce often contains fewer pesticides, which helps maintain biodiversity and prevents contamination of the air, soil, or water. Lastly, the environment benefits from the maintenance and protection of local land (the farms) and its wildlife.

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