What’s Coming in 2020

What does the phrase “have your cake and eat it too” make you think of? Maybe, dieting, weight loss, restriction, change? With a typical diet comes some form of restriction thus, leaving no room for an indulgence. So what happens when the diet is over or a “cheat day” happens? We all know the drill, one bite leads to another and that diet you were prepared for fails because it wasn’t met 100% of the time. The basis of these standard diets revolves around restriction and completely overhauling your typical day to day operations to achieve a healthy lifestyle. While this makes sense in theory for the general “diet”, it is not realistic and does not allow room to enjoy food or live the typical day to day. In order to combat this while still keeping to a “new normal” that is more mindful, a diet that calls for balance, moderation, and small changes is the key. 

The 80/20 mentality is a lifestyle that isn’t considered a diet. 80/20 describes an approach to healthy eating that highlights balance and being able to enjoy the foods you love without feeling guilty. It is an eating pattern that teaches healthy habits, flexibility, and moderation that can be maintained in the long-term to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Start these little lifestyle changes now to jumpstart your new year in the right direction of a better relationship with food. Some suggestions like: splitting an entree when you are out to eat, dressing on the side of your salad, stop eating when you feel full, opt for a mini portion of dessert, add an extra serving of veggies to your plate first when going back for seconds. Join us as we set out in January to explore how beneficial the 80/20 approach is. Receive recipe ideas, accountability tools, and creative methods to keep the balance as we show you that little changes can make the biggest differences.

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