Wine Wednesday for 2

It’s the holiday season and we’re here to help show that the indulgent side of things can work within a well-balanced diet. Let’s tackle the ever popular charcuterie. And if you’re eating charcuterie there is a high chance you’re drinking wine so let’s start here. It’s important to remember that a balanced plate is primarily fruits and vegetables. Charcuterie in that sense can be tricky since it’s primarily cured meats and cheeses. So starting with a premade base can give you an excellent starting point. By adding in a few extra fruits and vegetables you’re creating a more wholesome meal with added nutritional benefits. Things like cucumbers, snap peas, carrot chips or endives are vegetables that have a fast prep time and give you return both nutritionally and visually. While you eat, sit back and enjoy the company you are in, savor the flavors and eat a little slower. By casually eating for nourishment and enjoyment it helps you be present, and also helps you regulate your hunger and fullness cues. We like to suggest focusing on alcohol in that same mindset. While not everyone is a connoisseur or trying to pick apart the notes of the wine, we encourage you to attempt picking out a few flavor notes to savor the beverage. By letting it hit all around your tongue you are accessing parts of the wine that you otherwise would have missed if you kept it in the center and gone straight to swallowing it. This process allows you to slow down, thus slowing the consumption. Try alternating water and wine during this time to stay hydrated and set yourself up for success the next day. 


Let’s apply these principles: charcuterie for two can be tricky if you have different palates but it can also be a fun challenge to find works best with your taste buds. If you’ve never put one together we suggest buying one mostly done and adding a few additional things that way you can control cost and calories. With that in mind we’ve got some excellent pre-made options in the cheese case! Now for the additions, add in a vegetable like sliced cucumbers, snap peas, baby carrots, a snack hummus cup for dipping and an additional fruit of your choice. If you’re still lacking ideas here are a few visuals we love using for an easy weeknight win be it a date night or family dinner.