Wine Wednesday Thrillers

Our wine Wednesdays continue strong with talking about wine and charcuterie in a health focused lense. Now that you’re getting better at tasting wine, and putting together charcuterie boards, let’s up your game a little bit. Do you know how to create an even prettier board with just a few touches? We’ve got you covered with our top tips


Add Herbs

Basil, rosemary, and thyme are all excellent additions to a board since it gives additional color and texture. Normally people don’t eat garnishes but this board is the exception to the unwritten rule. You can wedge these herbs in empty spaces, lay them across the cracker stack, or place them on top of one of the cheeses. Not only is it easy, but it’s very inexpensive and whatever you don’t use can be repurposed into your next italian meal!


Slice Up The Fruit

Not all of it, but some of it. Cutting up one or two pieces of fruit adds visual interest and elevates the boards style. The easy ones that come to mind are figs and strawberries by cutting them in half. You can elevate you board further with kiwi or orange “star” cuts if you head to our Shop Market Street Instagram to learn how to do this.


Think About Your Cheese

Choosing your cheese is not only the most critical point of your charcuterie board from a flavor and theme standpoint but it also is one of the most important in presentation. For example, cubing up cheese is fine but leaving it more organic looking or creating a pattern with it brings it up a notch. Here are our favorite cheese tricks:

  • Grab a crumbly cheddar and roughly breaking it in a spot to encouraging eating it
  • Slice and lay brie in a layered circle
  • Pick a cheese with a rind! Peel the rind away from your cheese but still use it on the board to appeal to your guests and showcase what type of cheese it is
  • Choose a everything bagel goat cheese or blueberry goat cheese and slice into “coins” and fan out the layers