Wines To Pair With Your Holiday

A simple way to elevate your ghoulish gathering without breaking the bank and without adding tons of effort are utilizing toothpicks, a bag of marshmallows, and black frosting. Simply take two marshmallows and push them through to the center of a toothpick. Add a touch of black frosting and let it dry. Once dried, place it over a glass as an example next to your wine choices and load up the others in a bowl for guests to take. If you want to up your festive setting add some faux spider webbing or skeleton hands for an extra special touch.


If you’re in need of some suggestions for your party we have some delicious ones on our shelves. Here are our current favorites:


Scary good red for your ghoulish gathering – Syrah

Go big or go home with this red! It’s perfectly smooth but will still put chills on your back with how sneaky delicious it is with it’s full bodied approach. Flavors and aromas of black raspberry, black cherry, plum, and vanilla on the palate, this Syrah would go well with your favorite steak from the grill, roasted corn, and grilled eggplant. 


Keep it light – chardonnay

A full bodied chardonnay full of flavors like cream, toasted brioche, vanilla and oak which pairs well with fall flavors that are gracing our plates right now. It also is pleasantly acidic. On the nose, you’ll get hints of apple, stone fruit and lemon, with cinnamon and allspice undertones. 


Pinot for your Turkeys – Pinot Noir

Who wouldn’t recommend a pinot to pair with your turkey gatherings? This pinot from Santa Lucia Highlands, California is part of the Hahn Family wines sure to pair great with your traditional day but still wow your taste buds for the price point. With a medium body, this wine boasts flavor notes of bright red cherry, hits of earth and spices, and finished with toasted oak. It’s a bright welcome to the palate and finishes with soft refined tannins.