Celebrate World Kindness Day

We love to throw kindness around like confetti! During this time of year, and this year in general, we think we could use a little more of it. We’re here in this space today to shed a brighter light on the companies who are spreading kindness in this way of giving back. Here are just a few of the many we carry and why we like them nutritionally:

  1. Clif Bar & Company – has a unique disaster recovery initiative called Second Responder. It helps provide continued support to the communities once the first round relief crews and media outlets move out.
    1. We like how dense their bars are and make a great hiking snack or if you need that extended bit of energy. Since their bars are typically heavier in calories if you still have a stretch of time, about 2 hours, until your next meal these would be a great addition to that day’s routine.
  2. Once Upon a Farm – donated $50,000 to Save the Children who rely on school lunches
    1. These are not only meant for babies, but adults as well. It’s just pureed fruit and an easy on the go option where there are no utensils needed.
  3. High Brew Coffee – during this pandemic time they have been delivering their product to nurses, respiratory therapists, and clinical assistants in Texas through the Trusted Health Network. 
    1. The low calorie ready to drink coffees are a fun flavorful boost to your day. We love their double espresso flavor if you need a recommendation. 
  4. Bare Bones Broth – donated 100% of its profits March 25 – April 8 to the Restaurant Care Funds
    1. If you’re using a homemade broth why not get the added benefit of a little extra protein. 
  5. Justin’s Nut Butter – they give back to poverty relief efforts, garden initiatives and so many more.
    1. This is an easy addition to a meal or snack to increase calorie needs or overall satiation