Your Star Spangled Recipe Box

Your Star Spangled Recipe Box

When you’ve got a patriotic appetite, there’s only one thing to do: invite a few fellow patriots over to share the flavors of sweet, sweet liberty. Dig into a few of our favorite red, white and blue foods for an evening of entertaining the American way.

Lady Liberty's Salsa
Lady Liberty’s Salsa

The only thing sweeter than this easy-make salsa is liberty itself.

Skillet S'mores
Melting Pot Skillet S’mores

America is a melting pot, not unlike the delicious blend of flavors in this recipe.

Smoothie Pops
Red, White and Blue Smoothie Pops

Freedom you can freeze and serve on a stick.

Brie Pizza Crisp
No Place Else We’d Rather “Brie” Pizza Crisps

Crispy and layered with complex flavors, just like the American dream.

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