Valentines Pairings

Roses and rose are a wonderful pairing this season, from their color to the gesture. Be it a galentines or a valentines for your sweetheart we’ve got you covered on both ends. Now you may be thinking, what does health and wellness have to do with either of these things? Let’s dive in. On the health side, alcohol should be consumed moderately. By that, we suggest no more than 1 glass a day for women and 2 more for men. We want you to enjoy what the holiday brings while still keeping your health at the forefront. If you want to check out some alcohol related content we’ve posted in the past, dive in here. On the wellness side, flowers do so much for our mental health. They bring a smile to your face while they grace your table for many days, a freshness to the air, and a general mood booster. So while were on the topic we’ve tasted our way through a few and have our delightful picks, as seen in the picture above, with a few floral reminders:


  1. Our floral department will have both custom designs, and gift baskets, you can order ahead of time and grab-and-go options!

  2. Our florals can be delivered!

  3. Want something that will last a little longer? We’ve got fun ideas with potted bulbs like tulips and hyacinths.

  4. Roses might be a staple for valentines, but don’t shy away from a fun option like peonies, ranunculus, or scabiosa. Our floral designers can help you choose the right bunch or bunches to take home for your sweetheart.