The holidays are filled with fun get-togethers and parties. You’re constantly going out and spending time with people, whether that be in the office or with friends. And usually alcohol is present. If you have diabetes, this can be quite a challenge to navigate through.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with this brings along all the indulgent family meals and decadent desserts. However, navigating dinner time with diabetes does not have to be a chore.

Online meal plans can be tricky with diabetes because everyone has unique lifestyle, needs, goals, food preferences, medication regimen, etc. So our top tips to meal planning with diabetes takes these three things into account:

It’s National Diabetes Month and did you know there are so many things in your risk factor profile that you can control to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes? It’s not a one size fits all question as each case is unique but we do see some general patterns

It’s ‘International Women's Day’ and there are some fun products gracing our shelves from women owned brands, to female winemakers. Women have such a powerful position in the workplace and we’re here to show off their accomplishments.

This is the season for all of the seasoning. This air fryer turkey has some serious flavor and if you’re not the type to cook a full bird for the holiday or heat up the house with your oven this is an excellent way to indulge.

Getting the family, let alone yourself out the door in one piece is a hefty load to lift. Seeing as breakfast is one of the three main meals of the day, and arguably the most important, since it breaks your overnight fast and jumpstarts the metabolism, getting a nutritious breakfast is key for success.