Keeping kids on a schedule during the summer can be a challenge especially when you throw in more meals that need to be cooked on your end if you leaned on the national school lunch program during the year. We’re here to help both you and your little one(s) to start the day off with success by starting the night before with them making their own breakfast!

Eggnog can be a delicious treat this time of the year.  Why not try adding it to your morning oatmeal for a little holiday in an otherwise ordinary breakfast!  If dairy is not your thing, no problem.  We even used Califia Farms Holiday Nog, which is a non-dairy version.  We also bumped up the protein by adding in a little protein and some walnuts.  Those are also ingredients you can adjust to your preference, such as using pecans instead of walnuts. You can also try stirring in some yogurt for extra protein and probiotics.  It’s a versatile and easy way to get your day off to a great start!

Most people experience feeling down, unhappy, or anxious for one reason or another. When these feelings occur often, it can lead to continued feelings of irritability and restlessness.

We’re talking all things heart health, valentines, the big game, quick and easy, and with a side of indulgence. We’ve got some great things cooking up to share but have you seen what we’ve done previously? Check out some of the past goodness to bring you up to speed on what you can expect all month long!

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